Studying Abroad in Hanoi, Vietnam as a Nursing Student

There is a sort of magic that comes with waking up in a country that isn’t my own.

Every time I opened my eyes first thing in the morning in Vietnam, it brought the feeling of a new day and a new adventure. Continue reading “Studying Abroad in Hanoi, Vietnam as a Nursing Student”

Around the World in 104 Days

Studying abroad was something I always wanted to do, but not something I felt I had to do.  That was true until one day, I was browsing through different study abroad options and came across something called Semester at Sea.  Continue reading “Around the World in 104 Days”

There’s Nothin’ Like A Dane

The #1 question I am asked is, “Why did you choose to study in Denmark?” It is a valid question. I could’ve gone to Australia or Spain, rather I chose to endure my first true Nordic winter and saw snow fall for the first time. Although Denmark may not be the sexiest country to study abroad in, I’ve fallen deeply in love with my small, cozy city of Aarhus and all the people I’ve met.

Continue reading “There’s Nothin’ Like A Dane”

Considering Kazakhstan: Why Studying Abroad in Central Asia Is Game Changing

The flight to Kazakhstan is long. It’s a very long time to second-guess the single-most consequential decision you’ve ever made. 3 months in, I haven’t regretted a single day. Granted, the first week I was in cold, cold, Kazakhstan I was lonely and worried, scared to venture out into my Russian-speaking city. It took some coaxing, but when I finally left my room I found a group of students who Continue reading “Considering Kazakhstan: Why Studying Abroad in Central Asia Is Game Changing”

Making the Best of Asia

This past fall semester (Fall 2016) I had the opportunity to study abroad at Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU). It was an amazing experience getting to be one of the first students to go exchange with a new partner university and get to call the vibrant city of Hong Kong my home for four months. Continue reading “Making the Best of Asia”

From Dreams to Reality, From Tourist to Resident: Why You Should Go Abroad With Semester Programs

When I was little, I always dreamed of ballet shoes, chandeliers, fashion, and the french language. Every symbol of luxury and decadence had reminded me of Paris, France, which is quite funny because I had never been to Paris until last summer. Continue reading “From Dreams to Reality, From Tourist to Resident: Why You Should Go Abroad With Semester Programs”

A Coffee in Haifa

I rushed up the stairs of the main building, hot coffee splashing against the sides of my large cup, and took a deep breath before walking into my first class. I was five minutes late because of the insanely long line for coffee that afternoon, but I knew I would need it before my three hour lecture. Upon my entry into class I found several students with their laptops out, coffee in hand, and eyes eager to get started – but I didn’t see a professor.  Continue reading “A Coffee in Haifa”

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