Adventures of Studying at University of Hertfordshire

My experience abroad has been a great one for me. When coming back this semester to my home school CSULB it felt like I left a part of myself back at University of Hertfordshire. There are friends I left, but the time away from each other feels like it was yesterday. So I want to share with you all the best moments at Uni and for the next person who wants to share their best moments or any trips they made please do share.

The best moment at Uni was the snow I saw before I left to come back to California. That night before and two days before that the weather was showing signs of snow. I spent those days with close friends I made while studying abroad from England, Scotland, California, and Lithuania.  The campus was filled with blankets of snow and dried up by the next morning I left. I will never forget that day.


The other moments were the time I spent in Copenhagen, Denmark at the Botanical Garden. This was a great day to enjoy the nature within the city of Copenhagen. The stairway in the middle of the garden felt like it lead you to a heaven of plants and trees touching the glass ceiling. As the mist hit my friend and I we knew we found our secret hid away that  we embraced at that moment.


Lastly my most memorable moment was spending a day at Soho Square Garden, Westminster in London where fashion addicts soaked up the day. This special moment was London Fashion Week where London takes it very seriously and certain areas there are lain chairs to seat down, to relax, and catch a fashion show.


Now it is your turn to share your most memorable moments here. Contact us here at to see about posting your adventures!

Signing off and hope you all enjoy this.

Lei Phillips



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